How to Get a Home Care License in California

Our home health care consultants will help you get a home care license in California. We can also help you get a home health care license in California (or a Hospice License). If you would like to start a home care business in California and get a home care license in California, call us today, or keep reading! 

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How Do I Get a Home Care License in California?

In the state of California, prior to opening a home care business, you will need to receive a California home care license. 

Have you had a dream to help others and operate your own home care agency in California? Certified Home Care Consulting can help you reach your dream. With nearly 20 years of experience, we help others create and build top home care businesses. Our company offers guidance and assistance to help make your dream become part of your reality. 

An application fee for a California home care license will need to be submitted prior to getting a home care license in the state of California.

Along with your California home care license, staffing your home care business with the necessary workforce (supervisor/ administration), head of nursing staff and others to fulfill the duties in receiving a home care license in California. You may have never done something like this before and it may seem stressful, but our team is here to help you through the process taking you step by step to make sure your human resources are setup and operations run smoothly.

When you finish the initial process, a California representative will inspect your business to run a home care license examination. This will be part of the procedure to obtain a California home care license. Certified Homecare Consulting will help prepare you for these inspections by running practice inspections and provide feedback to help make improvements.

The Perks of Having a Home Care License in California

In California, now is the time to get started and open your home care business to assist the large senior population who are looking for care in the comfort of their homes. Diving into the start of owning your home care business to meet this need for at home care in the state of California could be a gratifying operation, however, remember to start this process you will need to obtain a California home care license. 

Before You Get a Home Care License In California

When starting a new business is never easy, and this is true for starting a home care operation in the state of California, as licenses for operating a skilled Home Health Corporation are needed. It is the role of the owner to make decisions on the types of services provided for the elderly community. 

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We Do More Than Just Helping to Get a Home Care License in California

Ask us about our home care and home health care training in California. Although there is no requirement for training, we provide you will the training and guidance you need to start your home care or home health care business in California. Furthermore, you provide you with all of the state specific forms, documents, policies and procedures you need to operate your home care business in California. Our clients consist of home health care professionals, home care workers such as home health aides, doctors, and even entrepreneurs with no experience at all.  Our approach is not cookie cutter. Regardless of your story and background, we will get your home care license in California and help your start the home care business of your dreams.

Home Health Care Consultants
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Starting a Non-Medical Home Care Business in California vs Starting a Skilled Home Health Care Business in California

The distinction between starting a medical home care operation compared to a non-medical operation in the state of California must first be understood. In California, non – medical home care provides non-medical care such as companionship and personal assistance. Trained Medical Home Care businesses as the name suggests need a physician’s direction and the support is given by trained nurses. Basically, in California non-medical home care assist with daily living exercises, dinning arrangements, domestic work and arrangements for transportation. For individuals to remain safe and comfortable in their own homes, such home care businesses are necessary. The most recognized method form of payments for non-medical home care comes from 3rd party resources as compared to private payments. Certified Home Care Consulting has exceptional experience with Home Care in California and Home Health Care License procedure, to get a free consultation call today.

Our Home Health Care Consultants Can Help

Contemplate the idea of paring up with a Home Care Consultant that has the background in starting up Respected Home Health Care Businesses in the state California. An expert consultant can make the process smooth and fast track the approval for a California home care license and becoming a Medicare provider by using a provided certification source:

 When picking a home health care consultant, be sure they supply you with everything needed to functionally begin and operate your home care operation. All documentation and paperwork are needed to start a home care business in California.

Other Requirements for Starting a Home Care or Home Health Care Business in California

To start a Home Health Care Business in California, the home care agency needs to be registered as a legal operating entity. To start, you must incorporate the Home Health Care Business in California. Next apply for a Tax ID and NPI number. Certified Health Care will do all of this for you, so you have less stress and more success.


When billing Medicare for services your company provides, you need to get certified. Certified Home Care Consulting guarantees your California home health care agency will achieve Medicare Accreditation with CHAP, ACHC, or TJC when you sign up for these specific services. We come to your office and perform a practice surveys so when the real survey comes you are prepared and confident.

Do I Need an Office for My Home Care Business in California?

In California, an office location is also a requirement for a functional Home Health Care Business owner. The office should have a computer, fax machine, telephone, e-mailing system, and patient files so clients can reach the business during operating hours. A functional Home Health Care operation will also create a business credit card account and checking account and apply for business loans if needed to meet California startup costs. The owner and staff will spend time budgeting, creating service arrangements, and prepare for visits scheduled for weeks and months planned.

California Home Care Policy and Procedure Manuals

When buying policy and procedures be sure they have been properly written and are specific California’s State and Federal requirements. A professional Home Health Care agency policy and procedures must be in Medicare’s conditions of participation and Accrediting body requirements. Operational materials such as new patient admission packets, Personal Files, Logs, Forms, In-service Education Plans, Nursing Procedures, and Committee Minutes are nonnegotiable.

Yes, You Will Save Time and Money Using a Home Health Care Consultant in California

It is not recommended to start a home care business in California alone, but the facts are, many home care companies in California are supported by passionate home care consultants or a home care franchise business. Certified Homecare Consulting makes the procedure of receiving a California home care license simple because we work for you. With Certified Homecare Consulting, you will find comfort in trusting that we have been in business for almost 20 years and have helped clients start their own home care businesses in California and beyond. Certified Homecare Consulting has been there and knows what it is like to go through the process of starting a home health care business from scratch.

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