Start a Home Care Business in California

Have you ever had the idea to start a home care business in California? Well now is the time! With Certified Home Care Consulting we make it easier for you to start your very own home care business in California.  Our California home care consultants know exactly what needs to be done so when you open, you already know you’ll be ready for success.

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How to Start a Home Care Business in California

Starting a non-medical Home Care Business in California may just be one of the most rewarding industries to go into. With a large elderly community in California, the need for assistance with at-home living grows exponentially. With such large market potential it isnt difficult to understand why someone might want to start a home care business in California – and that demand will only get stronger as baby boomers continue to age. Certified Homecare Consulting has nearly 20 years of experience helping start-up home care businesses in California become successful.

When it comes to starting a Home Care Business in California there are a few things you’ll need to understand before jumping in. There is a ton of paperwork that will need to be completed prior to opening the doors. However, with Certified Home Care Consulting this mountain of paperwork becomes easy to understand, to complete, and to submit to the right place and time. The best part is Certified Homecare Consulting basically does the work for you, completeing your California home care licnese application, and completing all of the other paper work required to start a home care business in California. 

Unlike many other California home care consulting companies, Certified Homecare Consulting cares about your vision.  We understand that you want to start your own home care business in California, not work for one. Most franchise consultants like to tell you “you own the  business” or “you run the show” when in reality they are just grooming you to run one of their home care franchises. If this is truly your vision it should have your name, your logo and you run it the way you want to (Provided you plan on following California state laws and regulations). 

To start a home care business in California, you don’t need a salesperson just trying to fit  you somewhere in their business model. You need a home care consultant who’s able to help you build your home care business the right way. That’s what Certified Homecare Consulting stands for.

How much does it cost to start a home care business in California?

With Certified Homecare Consulting we make it affordable to start your very own Home Care Business in California.  We have a small ONE-time fee, which if you so chose can break down into smaller payments to be paid overtime. Other companies charge ongoing points, hidden fees, and royalties. You don’t want to start your own home care business in California just to keep paying someone else, you want to start your home care business in California to earn and to feel rewarded. 

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    Does My Home Care Business in California Need to Have Policies?

    Great question! A large factor in operations, you’ll need professional Home Care policies and procedures that meet California requirements as well as other conditions of participation and accrediting body requirements if you so choose to go that route. Don’t know how or where to start writing you California home care policies and procedures? No sweat, Certified Homecare Consulting will do it for you!

    Home Health Care Consultants
    Our Home Health Care Consultants | Certified Homecare Consulting | February 2020

    Starting a Home Care Business in California seems Like A Lot of Work.

    Starting a home care business in California is a lot of work, but that’s why we are here to help. Certified Homecare Consulting offers training seminars to help prepare you for every obstacle you may face.  Even after you open your doors you will still have the guidance of Certified Homecare Consulting. We want to make sure you are always able to operate a functional home care business in California, we even help practice with onsite surveys. We plan on making you a pro in no time!  Let us help you get your home care license in California! 

    Home Care Business
    Steve and the rest of the group at one of our most recent training seminars.
    Certified Homecare Consulting's Google Reviews

    Other Home Health Care Consultants show you Google reviews from folks who only attended a training seminar, and in most cases, a free training seminar. It is a very dirty trick used to deceive you. They offer cheap or free trainings, take photos of the attendees, then ask all of the attendees to leave a Google review while still in the class. This is why our competitors reviews are in batches and mostly on the same day and time. Please do not waste your money with these home health care consultants – they have never owned or operated a home care or home health care business of their own. 

    I love the work that CHC has helped me accomplished. Thank you so much to everyone who help my businesses along the way! It was a pleasure working with Steve from the sales department! He truly helped a lot.
    CHC did a terrific job helping us understand and navigate through the process to file an application for and receive our Private Home Care Provider license with the State of Georgia. They provided us with the appropriate documents, policies, procedures, and clear guidance to complete this process in less than 90 days, which is the typical time period for the state to review and decide upon PHCP applications. We believe that we could not have obtained this license in the timeframe that we did without CHC’s help! We highly recommend that anyone needing assistance with state license applications contact CHC.
    CHC is the best!! It’s not easy getting a home care license in NC! It is very challenging and very expensive. Without Certified Homecare Consulting we would have been completely stressed with all the paperwork that you have to fill out for State. Donna H. is a blessing and very awesome to work with. She was very through and handled all our concerns and questions. I highly recommend them!! Steve G. is also a great person who is quick to respond with any concerns you may have. We couldn’t have done this without them!! So thank you guys!!
    I would like to thank you everyone at Certified Homecare Consultants Amazing Team, Team work was 100%, for me every penny is worth it, When I first tried it on my own, it was a disaster for me for years, until I Met Certified, Fast, accurate, has no problem with helping out in anyway they care, even it’s not your person you was assigned to, I mean everyone was Great, I love you guy, you will be hearing from me soon ❤ 💙 😘 ♥ 💖 ❤ 💙
    This company is A 10 plus star(s). I actually haven’t met, (over the phone that is)anyone employed there unpleasant. When speaking with them in regards to the next step concerns, or anxieties one may have with the process of it all; the tone and topic remained calm and centered on you. I recommend this company to take care of your companies startup woes. Money well spent.Most Sincerely,Cary (Sally’s Care Inc.)
    CHC is the best, I worked with Ms Alison on getting my transportation business started and secure a contact with MART and she helped me all the way until the very end. She gets back on time and does everything in a very good timely manner
    Ali and the CHC team were amazing team and instrumental in Moore Care, LLC successfully getting RSA license. Last minute requests and uncertainties were address without hesitation. The encouragement along the way meant a great deal to me. What an awesome journey and an even more awesome team to have on my side. Ali, thank you for all you do!!!!!
    Everyone should know that starting a new Home Health Agency is very challenging and expensive. This is why you need Certified Homecare Consulting. We did have some ups and downs dealing with unknown during this difficult Covid time but with great, successful outcomes. Alison is great. Katia is a blessing. I really recommend them.
    So far I’m happy working with you guys and thank you for guidance i believe that have the best consulting firm so far and my business will flourish courtesy of you.
    They assist me for non-Medical and Medical. They did a very good job
    Gathered more knowledge thank before
    Hello I have been working with Certified Homecare Consulting for over 10 months in getting licensed as a Homecare Agency. Met the owner and had a great conversation in knowing we went with the right business. Thank You Sal for all you have done for our Business. Shonte!
    I am so thankful that I chose to work with the team at certified home care consultants. They have given us the necessary tools that we need to build a successful business.
    I am so excited about opening a Homecare Agency, C.H.C has been great and I am learning tons of information that’s helping me towards my business.Thanks Certified Homecare Counsulting🤗
    Certified HomeCare you are doing a great job. The live event was nothing but what I was really looking for. The live event was an eye opener. Everything was clear and to the point. It was very informative.That was a timely event.Thanks for sharing the same information on the email as this makes it exciting as its accessible over and over again.I enjoyed being part of it.Looking forward for more live events.Thanks once again Certified HomeCare.GREAT JOB.
    Hello,Yes the training was very informal. I appreciate that I can go back to review in the future.I’d also like to mention, if we could have training on forms needed on first visit to clients home.I am glad that I chose CHC, Thank You
    The webinars were great, full of valuable information. Will definitely be using the information learned in the preparation and growth of my home care business
    The session was loaded with great instructions and information that I will surely use in my practice. I learned a lot. Thanks for your time.Best Regards!
    Last week, we had the pleasure to attend a 3-day virtual training which included information about sales, marketing and homecare operations. The training was taught by Michael, who owns Home Health Success Academy. Michael and CHC teamed up for their first training and it was a success. We learned about strategies to market our brand, how to hire & retain caregivers, and the importance of networking with different referral sources and how to follow up each week. I plan to watch the videos again as they are accessible to you as a CHC client. If you are considering opening a homecare agency in your state, consider hiring CHC to help. The process is tedious and sensitive and you need the right team to help you get the business started. CHC is the best choice!
    Certified assisted us to get our medicare accreditation for Home Health. We certainly could not have done it without their team. It has been a journey, but we made it! I especially want to say thank you to Ali in licensing and Katia and Starsha in Clinical. They have been amazing. I would definitely recommend anyone looking to start an agency to use them. They will ensure you have success. Thank you for everything.
    They helped us start our agency in Nevada and gave us everything we needed. Had to pay extra for medicaid accreditation, but it all worked out.
    Where do I start! I used CHC to obtain a home health license to operate a home care agency. I signed up June 2021. I received my license Nov 2021. From start to finish CHC did all the work. In addition, they made sure I understood the process and kept me updated along they way. Needless to say, they have exceeded my expectations! Honestly, I couldn’t have done it without them. And I’m glad I choose them! My home care consultant Alison was amazing!!! She was patient, diligent, and an awesome person to work with. It was an amazing experience. They took the stress off my shoulders and made sure I got it right the first time. It was a smooth process. I am ready for success! I will be working with CHC in the future and they are highly recommended!!!!
    Highly recommend, Alison is a blessing to have on my team, very pleased with the service i have received…
    Highly recommend. Great team of people to work with. I received my homecare licensed in 3 months.
    OMG they changed my life . I was looking to start a Bussines and had no idea how to begin. I contacted certified and Alison is the best . She was there from the beginning to the end . I am now a small Bussiness owner making my own schedule and taking care of my children. I couldn’t be happier and grateful . Thank you so much Alison . You are awesome .
    CHC is a 5 star company, I had the best team to work with. My licensing account manager Ali was very knowledgeable and precise with all the legalities and requirements for my states licensing agency. She made sure I was fully prepared for licensure and had a great line of communication with me. Working with Ali has made the licensure process smooth & stress-free!
    Sal and Marcus contacted me to let me know they are on top of my file and had a plan of action for me. I understand things happen but how it’s corrected is what matters most. They contacted me immediately and corrected. That puts me at ease.
    They helped our agencies get licensed and accredited in California and Texas. They provided all of the policies and procedures, forms and documents that we needed to operate the business and helped us with the regulations and site surveyors. We highly recommend them. Especially Alison and Katie.
    When you are new to this whole health care world this company is the way to go. Their policies and procedures came out just fantastic. I mean everything is well organized and separated. They also include extra binders for you to set up your entire agencies documents properly, which if you are a person like me who is just getting to this business will appreciate so much. Also, I want to point out that this company is extremely professional. Their sales department (Amy) is very knowledgeable so if you have questions they do answer to ALL of your questions. Lastly, I love how they are on top of everything. If you ever need any clarification apparently you just have to call in and ask for management, which I though was re-assuring because this whole thing with documentation can be very stressful and confusion. Anyways, overall very pleased and am going to use their services for my next agency.Thank you guys again (especially Steve Goss) for reaching out and I can’t wait to get with the lady who works on the policies so she can help me sort things out and understand which document belongs with which code number.
    Certified home consulting are experts, 100% guarantee.
    I recommend this company 100% I really dont do reviews but I had great experience.
    I started my business In Florida and this Company has been the best.
    I will recommend This company 100% I have years with them and always here for all my questions I love the staff.
    Awesome consulting group! Don’t take unnecessary chances when you can get professional advice and guidance. A shout out to Marcus for always being available to help me make my business successful.
    Awesome working environment and friendly attitude towards client
    This is a wonderful company. I receive services from them. I would recommend them to everyone.
    Appreciate y’all for all the support in creating a website for the organization I run. Y’all took my vision/dream and put it into existence. Y’all were so quick to response and overall provided me with exceptional service. Looking forward to working with all of you again!
    Great people, trustworthy and knowledgeable
    Great customer service. Would definitely recommend.
    It was very easy dealing with the employees and they had alot of suggestions that proved to be very valuable
    CHC are the best, Great communication always answered all of my questions I wouldn’t done it without them.
    Amazing experience with profesional individuals, would highly recommend!
    I’ve had very good experiences with Certified, they were very professional and helped with with everything for my business from Start to finish.
    What a Great Company!!! Great Service and Support. Walked me through every step of survey prep, including a very informative mock survey! They made sure we were ready…and we passed with flying colors! Always available and very knowledgable, whether it is a policy question or CMS guidelines. CHC is a true team who wants nothing but to help their clients succeed. I am so happy to have CHC in my corner!!
    Great team, helpful and knowledgeable advocates. Thank you Certified
    Certified Home Care Consulting offers a comprehensive program for new Start up organizations. In my experience, the program has assisted many organizations in navigating the process of preparing for survey. Their team offers assistance at every turn to allow the agencies to reach a successful out come with the survey process. If any questions arise, they are always there to assist with questions. I would strongly recommend them to any organization that is starting a business as well as those looking for comprehensive policies and ongoing surveys. They offer updates in compliance with industry changes.
    Excellent follow through. Very helpful!
    We have always received a rapid and thorough response to any need or request. Marcus is especially helpful !
    I recently was stumped on where to go to purchase policy and procedures for my home health company.A friend of mine recommended Certified Homecare Consulting and I am so pleased with how they helped me every step of the way and the results. Best recommendation hands down!
    I want to thank the Certified Home Care Consulting Team for their guidance and support. They truly are a 5 star company. In an era of so much Information we can get lost in the amidst of it all, but it’s good to know that you have a well Informed and educated team to guide you along the way. I did a whole lot of research on multiple companies before deciding on this one; I believe I made one of the best decisions ever, I have no regrets. The day of my survey, the surveyor asked if I used a consultant to assist me with my company and I replied yes, her response was “well from my experience 99% of the time consultants don’t know what they are doing themselves”. When the Survey was over she told me you got a good one. ☺️ She was so impressed and blown away by every detail, a perfect survey. Praise the Lord! 🙌 I truly couldn’t have done it without their assistance. They are worth every penny. I will definitely recommend them and keep them in my back pocket for when it’s time for my company to expand. Thank you Team.
    Ally was amazing to work with! Always answered questions, and was right there for us during our survey! She is the best!
    I want to start by saying I hate writing reviews and I never do them. But I wanted to take the time to commend both Scott and Bridget for their professionalism. I started working with Scott in December questioning him on every aspect of the business. Scott was incredibly knowledgeable and patient even when I called him on multiple occasion asking him the same questions. I am now in the process of working with Bridget to get my agency up and running and I can say there is never a time that you reach out to her that she does not have answers for you. They have a great staff and should be applauded for their attention to detail.
    I just had to reach back out to you now that I have my finished product in hand… and I must say I am super impressed!!!! Honestly didn’t know what to expect and the entire package is SUPER HELPFUL AND USER FRIENDLY! As I was in awe of the 12lb box of paperwork, and then again at the number of folders and files… I WAS EVEN MORE SHOCKED AND IMPRESSED WITH THE EXTRAS ON THE FLASHDRIVE!! I’ve been calling my business partner every time I discover one more cool helping tool you guys provided! I feel like this was the best $2000 I’ve invested thus far! 🙂🙃🙂On top of it all I do believe you guys have set me on my way to a properly run agency and I feel confident in the materials!!!Thank you BUNCHES!!!P.S.Scott provided me a comfort of trustworthiness and commitment to seeing us customers thrive and make it from the beginning! He was a friendly personable voice…And I did get replies along the way as I requested!!
    I can’t applaud Certified Homecare Consultants enough for all they done to get my business up and running. They made the process a walk in the park for my Dad and I. I can’t thank Scott and Roxanne enough for all they’ve done..Not one time did they seem like any of my questions were irrelevant. They were always eager to help. I highly recommend this company. They are second to none.
    Certified home are consulting is the epitome of great service. You won’t find a better consulting service for your homecare business. From start to finish, their team is knowledgeable and very nice. They have answers to all your questions. They file all your documents, provide policies and procedures, and supply a to-do list that helps finalize your business in a few easy steps.They have a great team!! Thank you certified for your awesome efforts!!!!
    Certified has been great! there communication, patience and on point detail of what we need has been perfect! thank you!
    The customer experience was great. They answered all my questions and delivered exactly what I needed. I will use their services again.
    Can’t say enough good things about this company and especially about Roxanne! She was just great at helping us meet deadlines, get paperwork right, and following up at every step of the process. I hope her employers know how great of an employee they have in her. Thanks again Roxanne!
    We have partnered with Certified Homecare Consulting (CHC) for years with confidence. We refer our existing clients and people that call our office that want to get their home care and home heath care licenses. Our go to company to refer people is CHC, no matter where the caller is located. We believe in CHC licensing programs, professionalism and ability to follow through and produce a license. We have not been disappointed and neither have the people we have referred.
    I have gone through CHC to help open up Vineyard Home Health LLC in Waxahachie, Texas. I chose CHC because of the speedy communication. These guys have always been there to answer my questions and have really been an instrument in helping me open the agency. I would recommend them to anyone looking to open their own agency.
    I was so nervous about starting my agency but they are amazing , made me feel very comfortable the communication great and they really helpful step by step making your dream come true they are definitely the perfect team for you 💖best decision I ever made
    Certified Homecare Consulting went above and beyond to get me accredited. Alison Hajj is the most pleasant and knowledgeable person I have ever worked with. I definitely recommend this company, and Ali is simply the best!
    Starting a brand-new company is challenging and you will need a very experience, qualify, and professional consulting agency to help you get through the process. I am grateful to God that I choose CHC to help me get through those difficult potholes with easy, also to Taylour Holden for her superb marketing skills.CHC has a very experienced, qualified and professional team that will help you successfully build your company. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, and are ever ready to help. I have absolutely NO regrets choosing and working with any of them and at every step of the process.Words are not enough to express how happy and grateful I am towards working with each and every one of you especially to Michael the brain that designed and built my beautiful website, business cards and brochures, Theresa, Chris, Roxanne, my license crew; beautiful souls, and Starsha, Katie, Kathleen and Steve, these are excellent professionals. They always kept me informed.I will recommend them to anybody especially if you have little or no knowledge starting up a company or confuse on where to start. They will guide you through every step of the way and they will take you as family and treat you with respect.May God reward you all for all you did for me and my company! I am appreciative.Thank you and Stay safe.
    For anyone wanting to start their own home care agency, it is near impossible to do on your own. CHC was our first choice for professional and knowledgeable help. From the very first call to the final survey, they were there to assist, and guide us through the entire process.We would like to thank the entire staff for making this an enjoyable experience, we are confident as we move forward with our new business venture to have the continued help and support to be successful from CHC. Let them get you started today!Many Thanks again. Melissa Ellisor LLC
    Certified homecare is a wonderful company I highly recommend to anyone trying to start a homecare business. The staff is very helpful.
    I must say This is by far the best choice I’ve made Scott Smith has been so helpful throughout the beginning of my process, I’m so excited to continue on working with this company. Thanks again Scott 😊
    Certified HomeCare consultants supported me throughout the entire licensure process. They were professional and kept me updated on any adjustments from the state. I would recommend this consulting firm to everyone!
    CHC has been great experience for me. They helped me out in two of my organizations. They’ve been very responsive for all the questions I’ve had and were able to help me out throughout the entire process. I highly recommend them.
    I want to personally take the time and thank the incredible individuals working at CHC for all their tireless assistance! It was an incredible experience from start to finish! I would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in starting a home care agency! You won’t regret it!
    We highly recommend Certified Homecare Consulting. They have been very instrumental in the expansion of our agency. Thank you, Steve and the entire team.
    Certified Homecare Consultants helped our agency get licensed in California. Thank you so much Chris and Terry and everyone else who helped us start our agency!
    We are a very new customer and just signed our contract with CHH. However we have been contacting CHH for different reason & many questions and concerns since April . Mr. Scott Smith had been patiently our supportand our mentor .He is very knowledgeable & informative . I m sure other staff will be as great as he is & hopefully all the steps will be accomplish smoothly & professionally and we will open our center soon .Thank you to all the staffs and supports .
    Great consultants, great communication, and informative throughout entire process. I would recommend them to everyone!
    Amazing company!! The staff is super professional and friendly and best of all they got me my state license in record time!! I highly recommend them if your ready to get licensed and get your business off the ground!!
    We highly recommend Certified Homecare Consulting to anyone interested in starting their own home health business. They helped us start our family owned business last year and we are already billing for Medicare and Medicaid.
    Thank you for your help with my policies. Certified Homecare is always quick and efficient!
    Certified Homecare Consulting has held our hand through the entire licensing and accreditation process from the very beginning. They made sure that we always felt comforted through what is otherwise an extremely stressful and uncertain time. Steve Goss assured us from the start that they would get us licensed to operate, and kept his word the entire way. Terry and Chris spent countless hours on the phone with me, answering my million questions and educating me on how to operate this new business that I had no idea about. The level of care and attention they have given my company was immeasurably vital to successfully becoming licensed and passing my survey. I recommend this service to anyone who is nervous about opening a home care agency, because without them, I would not have had the guts, knowledge, or ability to do this on my own. Thank you team!
    Certifed Homecare Consulting is the only home care consulting company I am aware of that actually owns home care and home health care businesses.
    Our company opted for policies manuals through CHC and they did an amazing job putting it together. Kathleen is an expert in guiding through the manual and patiently explained and educated all queries during the call. I’m certain that this was a right choice and I would definitely recommend CHC to others
    Thank you, Certified HomeCare for your help and support throughout this process. Your staff, each and everyone has been awesome. What a wonderful organization! We’ll remember to recommend you highly to others.ThanksDaniel HarrisCelestial Home Care
    Certified Home Care Consulting and second to none. They helped me establish and re-establish three of my homecare agencies in three different states. Their customer service is phominal and their expertise is unmatched. I work with several homecare consulting company and they do not compare to Certified Home Care Consulting. If you want the job done right it would behoove you to obtain CHCC!Dr. Spears
    It’s been a genuine pleasure to do business with the team at Certified Homecare Consulting! Everyone I’ve worked with has been so knowledgeable about the entire process from start to finish. I definitely recommend going with them to get started in health care! A little expensive, but worth the cost to have worked with such thorough professionals in reaching my goals!
    Loads of Valuable Information direct from a knowledgeable person in the industry! Glad that the video is available to re watch as needed.A 10 min break occasionally, would have been welcome!Thanks again for the opportunity!
    ADDENDUM: Company came to reasonable agreement. Was willing to negotiate and move forward. Proved to be reasonable after all. WOULD recommend using them
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      For immediate assistance, call us now at 617-477-9594

      Let us know if you would like to visit us in person. We will pay for your flight. Call for details.

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